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Bedbug Registry

A free, public database of user-submitted nationwide bed bug reports.

A rising concern

Until recently, most people had never seen a real bedbug. Now these nocturnal pests are all too common. The ban of major pesticides and an increase in travel have been two major factors in the sudden increase in bedbug activity, and the problem is not going away. In July of 2010, several major retail stores in New York City were shut down due to an uncontrollable infestation of bedbugs. Don't let this happen to your store!

The guide below should help you keep bedbugs away, but if they manage to get into your facility, you may have to call the experts at Amazing Pest Control.

How do bedbugs spread?

  1. Bedbugs or their eggs are carried into a building on customers' clothes or luggage
  2. Infested items are brought into a building
  3. They migrate over from a nearby building
  4. Wild animals carry them from one place to another

Tips for Preventing Bedbug Infestation

  • Check for and seal any cracks in exterior of building.
  • Have the facility cleaned on a regular basis.
  • Check any secondhand furniture for bedbugs or their eggs.
  • Watch for reddish stains from crushed bedbugs and patches of dark brown in cracks, crevices and even on walls near the furniture.
  • If possible, thoroughly wash any items that have come into contact with bedbugs.
  • If the infestation persists, you will most likely need to call a professional. Bedbugs can escape through walls and floors and spread to other rooms.