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Bedbugs don't like the smell of lavender. You can keep them out of your building by using lavender-scented candles.


A cockroach can survive for a whole month without eating.


Carpenter ants prefer to attack wood that has been wet and damaged by mold.


Once you have bedbugs, it's impossible to get rid of them.


If you keep food in tightly-sealed containers, you can drastically reduce the likelihood of mice infestations.


Leaving a few dead cockroaches lying around will deter other cockroaches.


Termites eat constantly but very slowly.

Multiple Choice

Which pest causes the most damage to property each year?


What can you do if you find bedbugs in your facility?

Set off bug bombs near the site where you found the bedbugs
Lower the temperature of the store to drive them out
Spray the infested areas with lime juice
Call Amazing Pest Control to start a complete treatment plan

What kind of pest can carry hantavirus?

Hanta Claus

What is a sign that your facility has a squirrel infestation?

Food and products disappearing from the shelves
Black droppings on shelves and in the corners of your store
Loud chewing and scratching sounds in walls and ceilings
You hear the sound of a tiny television inside the wall

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